Nicolas allinder

Nicolas Allinder graduated with a Master of Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin. In graduate school his work was displayed at the University Co-Op Materials Lab and the AMOA. He received the Blake Alexander Travel Scholarship, an AIA Fort Worth Student Design Award, and his work was published in Texas Architect. His studies in architecture began at Tulane University's School of Architecture in New Orleans, Louisiana. Nic received undergraduate degrees in Philosophy and Cultural Geography from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Nic worked with Minneapolis based design firms RoLu, a nationally recognized landscape and furniture studio, and Hive Modular, an architecture firm specializing in pre-fabricated residential design. He has volunteered for several non-profits including the housing development branch of Project for Pride in Living, an organization that provides housing, employment training, education, and other support services for low income families and individuals.

In Texas, Nic has worked with Austin architect David Heymann, FAIA, on residential projects across the Hill Country. In addition to his work at Murray Legge Architecture, Nic documents and analyzes the work of Viennese architects Adolf Loos and Josef Frank for architectural historian Dr. Christopher Long. Their research examines the development of a new spatial strategy emerging out of central Europe at the turn of the 20th century.