Over the last year we have been working closely with the Austin Foundation for Architecture (AFA), and AIA Austin’s Executive Committee and membership to craft a program for a new Center for Architecture.

The new Austin Center for Architecture will be a cultural landmark—operating as a community-oriented information center for the public, a resource for AIA Austin members and the design community, and a destination to host the combined philanthropic efforts of AIA Austin and its nonprofit partner, the Austin Foundation for Architecture.

The new facility will expand AIA Austin and AFA's presence in the region, increasing public engagement and providing a community resource, as well as better serving the growing AIA Austin professional membership.

This programming guide sets the square footage, space, and operational requirements for the Austin Center for Architecture, which will include offices for the Austin Foundation for Architecture and AIA Austin Chapter within the context of needs for the next 10-15 years. The guide separates the program into five elements—each a different aspect of the Center's mission and needs. Diagrams of each element show the program areas, configurations, and adjacencies. Each diagram is followed by precedents for each space within the future Center. The document also outlines the general vision for The Center and addresses practical concerns such as technology needs and sustainability goals.

More diagrams and information are on our website.