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Pool house

Design Team: LZT Architects Inc. Murray Legge, Herman Thun, Lucas Brown, David Carroll, Sapna Patel
Builder: Randy Meek, Traci Cavender
Engineering: Architectural Engineers Collaborative
Plant Selection: Somos Design and Landscaping
Photography: Ryann Ford, Whit Preston
Size: 1,200 sf indoor, 5,000 landscape & pool
Year Completed:  2011

Located in the City of Westlake Hills, this pool house, swimming pool, spa and terraced landscape employs a unique sustainable design strategy. Impervious cover and storm water run-off regulations within the city are very restrictive. The City of Westlake Hills granted a variance to allow the construction of a garden roof and accepted it as permeable cover through a variance process. This variance was a first for the City of Westlake Hills and points to the city's progressive environmental policies.


The garden roof's boat-like vaulted form echoes the surrounding canyon hills. Rather than being spread out though the site, much of the project's equipment and program is stacked up underneath the garden roof reducing the overall building footprint and improving the quality of rainwater that might run off the site and into the creek below.

The project contains an indoor-outdoor dining area complete with a high-end residential kitchen. The project also contains an innovative suspended permeable stone terrace system.  

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