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Design Team: Murray Legge, Lincoln Davidson, Travis Avery, Lucy Lewis Legge
Photography: Leonid Furmansky
Size: 4.5 sf
Year Completed:  2018

Soft Dog Den is a comfortable indoor dog house made from 3/4” industrial felt with a colorful inner lining. It is formed from a single flat sheet of felt, wrapped into an ovoid den and fastened in one location. The inner lining is removable for cleaning, and can be swapped out for other colors. The fastener is easily removable so that the 3/4” shell can be flattened and vacuumed.

The Soft Dog Den was originally designed for the 2018 Barkitecture Auction, where it was awarded the “Pets in Energy & Environmental Design” award for its use of sustainable materials and efficient assembly. It is available for order as well, contact us at info@murraylegge.com for pricing and details.

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